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Faster, safer and more followable works

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Boğaziçi Group provides platforms that can be used online by monitoring technology closely in customs, transport and storage areas.

Exchange server, In customs inspections in foreign trade; to ensure that tax practices and product safety audits are carried out correctly and efficiently, the extensive usage of technology has become a process. In import- export operations, the required corporation permits are transferred to the Single Windows System and Tareks systems, that require technological infrastructure. Another important step has been taken for the e-customs declaration, and the declaration of the paper to the administration is tried to be eliminated for all tax payers in the near term.

We continue to grow by realizing technological investments in order to provide faultless service to our costumers.

We have Exchange Server, Disaster Recovery, additional technological investments and IT service for software devolopment special to firms.

Our firm is one of the first firms to get the ISO 27001 Information security certificate.


Processing is much easier with online services

Permits from thousands of files, the security of the digitally stored declarations and appendices from the institutions are ensured and these archives are made available to our customers digitally. With the increase in the number of files , it has become more difficult to follow up the transactions. The business tracking screen, which overcomes this difficulty, allows instant file status tracking to customers and can be used via the web page. The follow-up screens are updated in a series of seconds by using the smartphones and barcode systems from the field staff to load the instant information to the system in a few seconds intervals.

Regarding our foreign trade cost sources, we provide graphical and analytical reports on our system and web interface program. With this system, our customers can make clear analysis of subjects they want by using the information on the declaration after the transactions are uploaded in the archive. In addition to the fact that each work is a separate experience, with a system where retrospective analyzes can be performed, gümrük müşavirliği processes have transformed into a technologically based structure.

Thanks to the system integrations with companies, we have eliminated many complex processes without the need for human intervention. Reducing manual operations has also led to a reduction in errors which lead to considerable time and material losses.