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Dangerous Goods Transportation Requires Expertise

Dangerous Goods Transportation Requires Expertise The transportation of dangerous goods or hazardous materials (dangerous goods) is an extremely challenging task. It involves strict rules and regulations that must be carefully followed. Failure to comply with any aspect, such as packaging, labeling, or documentation, can result
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Considerations for Electronic Device Imports

The importation of electronic devices is a meticulous process due to rapidly changing technology and safety standards. Here are important factors to consider when importing electronic devices: Product Certification and Standards: It is crucial for imported electronic products to comply with the applicable technical standards
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Turkey Continues to Strengthen Free Zones as “Export Hubs”

Turkey is persistently leveraging its free zones to support economic growth, enhance competitiveness in international trade, and boost employment. In an announcement made in Turkey, the focus was on transforming free zones into high-value “export hubs” by emphasizing production, employment, and added value. This strategy

Increasing Export Support by the Ministry of Trade in 2024

Export plays a significant role in Turkey’s economic growth, and continuous support is crucial to enhance the country’s competitiveness in the global market. In this context, it is observed that the Ministry of Trade in Turkey has developed new strategies to boost export support in
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Cold Chain Logistics for Perishable Goods

Cold Chain Logistics for Perishable Goods The cold chain involves storing products in a cold environment to prevent the formation of harmful microorganisms and bacteria and to ensure that products remain at the appropriate temperature from the point of production to the point of consumption.