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Storage Services

Storage Services

As Hermes Global, we continue our storage services, which started in 2010 in a single location of 6,000 ㎡, today in three locations in an area of over 30,600 ㎡.
We offer storage and logistics services that will facilitate your trade in our Hadımköy, Şekerpınar, Pelitli 1 and Pelitli 2 facilities. We leverage technology and new business models to advance the logistics and supply chain industry.

At the heart of our services is our state-of-the-art warehousing facility designed to optimize your supply chain. As Boğaziçi Group, we offer dynamic storage solutions that go beyond traditional storage.

We provide flexibility and adaptability by tailoring to your needs with versatile storage options, strategically located facilities, tailor-made solutions and technology-driven operations.

Boğaziçi Group produces solutions for its customers with Bonded and Free Storage Services in a closed area of 13,850 m² in a total of 3 locations under the management of Hermes Global Logistics A.Ş.

Our company broke new ground in Turkey by providing service under the same roof in flammable-cold weather and general warehouse areas in our general warehouse located in Hadımköy.

Hadımköy Central Warehouse,
Within an area of 12,000 m²:

6000 m2 closed area
– 4200 m² bonded
– 450 m² bonded flammable
– 500 m² bonded cold air
– 3250 m² customs normal goods
– 1800 m² free flammable warehouse

Hadımköy 2 Warehouse,
Within an area of 2600 m²:

Normal goods free warehouse
export loading

Şekerpınar Warehouse,
Within an area of 8500 m²:

4250 m² closed area
– 3000 m² of customs duty normal goods
– 950 m² bonded flammable goods
– 300 m² free warehouse for flammable-normal goods, 1000 m² bonded open area