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Our Services

We aim to provide a seamless experience in export and import operations by minimizing the complexity in customs processes. We contribute to our customers’ success in international trade with our expert staff and industry-specific knowledge.
With our years of expertise in areas such as Security Audits, Regulatory Compliance at Border Crossings, Risk Analysis, Customs Transactions Management and Logistics Security Measures, we help our customers strengthen their business continuity and trade.
More than 33 years of experience, innovative systems and a team of expert professionals allow us to contribute to the success of our customers.

We work proactively to develop systems and methods that will add value to our customers’ businesses, based on identified needs and opportunities.

In logistics projects where comprehensive Logistics Consultancy Services are required, we offer special solutions to our customers with our expert team and enable them to achieve sustainable success.

Our expert team is ready to offer the most suitable solutions for you to compete effectively in global markets, open up to new markets and develop international expansion strategies.

Within the scope of Customs Consultancy Services, we provide the most advantageous conditions for you by providing Consultancy Service in your import, export and all other customs transactions.

The storage services we started in 2010 in a single location of 6,000 ㎡, today we continue in 3 locations in an area of more than 30,600 ㎡.

We offer services that will make your work easier in our Hadımköy, Şekerpınar, Pelitli 1 and Pelitli 2 warehouses.

We offer services tailored to industry needs with innovative transportation solutions that impact the industry.
We offer our business partners significant advantages in terms of speed, economy and flexibility, especially with fast transportation solutions.

Export transactions, like import processes, are situations that need to be carried out sensitively and carefully.

Boğaziçi Customs, with its expert staff, guarantees that your export processes will be completed in a short time and without any problems.

We reach all over Turkey with fast and safe shipping service. In addition to delivering your shipments to anywhere you want at affordable prices, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide the opportunity to deliver your shipment smoothly with our professional team and reliable logistics network.

We believe financial services for importers, exporters and carriers are the key to building deep customer relationships and unlocking value creation.

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