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Our Social Compliance Policy

We Are Conscious of Our Responsibility to Future Generations…

Our social compliance policy includes the standards we have established in collaboration with all our business partners, based on our core principles and values, and is implemented in a teamwork-oriented manner. Our goal is to ensure that the Social Compliance Policy becomes a part of the corporate culture within the Boğaziçi Group Companies. Therefore, social compliance standards have been developed and put into practice. This social compliance policy not only commits to creating products and services but also pledges to provide employees with all rights arising from standards within the framework of laws, comply with occupational health and safety rules, be environmentally conscious, and create a workplace environment where open and honest communication, respect, and a valued atmosphere among employees are fostered. The Social Compliance Policy is communicated to all our employees through training, information is provided to our suppliers, and our suppliers are evaluated based on these criteria.

Within the scope of this policy, no sanctions or punitive actions are taken against employees expressing their concerns, worries, and complaints, and suggestion, wish, and complaint boxes are used for them to express their concerns openly. Employees can express all kinds of opinions, requests, complaints, and suggestions in these boxes, and they are evaluated by the Top Management, and necessary improvement activities are carried out for areas open to improvement.

Our Social Compliance Policy includes the following components:

  • Forced Labor (Voluntary Work)
  • Child Labor (Underage Workers)
  • Discrimination (Equal Approach)
  • Working Hours and Wages (Salary/Wage)
  • Health and Safety
  • Commitment to the Community and Stakeholders
  • Foreign National Employees
  • Human Trafficking
  • Rest Days and Holidays
  • Recruitment and Employment
  • Employment Contract (Employer Contracts)
  • Employee Discipline
  • Environmental and Environmental Safety Issues
  • Compliance with Customs Legislation
  • Respect for Organization and Collective Bargaining Rights
  • Listening to Wishes and Complaints, Evaluation
  • Adherence to Ethical Principles
  • Forced Labor (Voluntary Work)

Our workplace prohibits all forms of forced labor, including forced labor, apprenticeship contracts, debt-based labor, military labor, or slave labor, and all forms of human trafficking.

Child Labor (Underage Workers)

Our workplace adheres to the minimum age provisions of current laws and regulations. Our workplace prohibits the employment of individuals under the age of 18 in all positions. The ban on child labor in our workplace is in compliance with the Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law, and other legal regulations and International Labor Organization standards.

Discrimination (Equal Approach)

Our workplace values all employees and their contributions. It has a strong commitment to opposing discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities. As the management, we are determined to maintain our organization as a workplace where there is no discrimination or physical or verbal harassment based on race, gender, color, nationality, social origin, religion, age, disability, political opinion, or any value status protected by applicable laws. Employee selection for our workplace is based on minimum qualifications such as skills, capacity, interests, and work experience.

Working Hours and Wages (Salary/Wage)

Our workplace provides competitive wages to employees based on sectoral and local labor market conditions. Our practices are carried out in full compliance with current legal regulations and employment contracts regarding wages, working hours, overtime, and additional payments. We offer opportunities for employees to improve their skills and capacities and support these efforts by offering promotion opportunities as much as possible.

Health and Safety

Our company ensures the establishment and protection of a safe and healthy workplace environment. We aim to minimize the risks of employees’ exposure to any factors that may threaten accidents, injuries, and health, thus creating a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment where they can work. In our company, efforts are made to provide a workplace environment where there is no violence, harassment, threats, or disturbing conditions.

Commitment to the Community and Stakeholders

Our company commits to establishing goodwill based on good faith with its stakeholders, listening to their views, learning from their opinions, and establishing a positive relationship in the context of the views expressed by considering good faith. In this context, we create an environment where employees can meet with representatives and report their problems to representatives and provide a way for them to express their views in writing through suggestion boxes.

When necessary, a commitment is made to establish a dialogue with stakeholders on workplace rights related to the workplace and within its field of influence.

Employment of Foreign Workers (Employment of Foreign Workers)

In our company, foreign national employees working are as follows:

Employment contracts are prepared in a language that they understand. All personnel procedures from entry to exit are carried out in accordance with current legal regulations. The worker cannot be employed by imposing any debt under any circumstances. The company protects the legal rights of foreign workers.

Human Trafficking

Our company cannot employ illegal workers. The company cannot prevent or delay the employee from leaving work under any circumstances. All information about our employee is protected and kept to the extent specified by the laws.

Rest Days and Holidays

Our employees cannot be deprived of their legal rights regarding rest and holidays.

Employees working five days a week are given two days off each week.

Recruitment and Employment

Open positions required by the company management are determined, and employment is carried out by the company management in compliance with laws and specific rules (equal approach, leave, salary, vacation, employment contract, etc.).

Employment Contract (Employer Contracts)

Between our company and the person to be employed, a ‘Indefinite Term Employment Contract’ containing the conditions offered to the candidate personnel for the position is prepared. The personnel who accept the duty of starting are signed the ‘Indefinite Term Employment Contract, Confidentiality Agreement, Overtime Consent Form, and Security Systems Notification’. The personnel regulation is notified by signature, and all these rules and regulations are transferred to the relevant personnel through orientation training.

Employee Discipline

Discipline rules determined by the discipline board are applied by our company to ensure disciplined work. The company cannot apply any form of salary deduction to discipline its employees.

Environmental and Environmental Safety Issues

One of our goals as Boğaziçi Group is to ensure maximum Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. We aim to establish and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment by minimizing the risks that all stakeholders affected by our environment and activities may be exposed to; to meet and improve legal conditions; to raise awareness on this issue; and to ensure the understanding of our corporate social responsibility in the society, including our customers.

Compliance with Customs Legislation

We commit to complying with all local and international legislation related to customs, taking measures to prevent illegal shipments of its products in line with this legislation.

Respect for Organization and Collective Bargaining Rights

We pledge to respect the right to organize and collectively bargain for all employees in accordance with legal regulations; not to impose pressure on employees exercising the right to organize and collective bargaining, and not to discriminate against them.

Adherence to Ethical Principles

We commit to complying with all laws and regulations to which we are subject, keeping records transparent and up-to-date to demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations; not tolerating any form of corruption and bribery, not giving or receiving bribes and/or gifts for personal gain or to facilitate work; creating the necessary mechanisms and policies to fight corruption and bribery, avoiding situations that may create conflicts of interest, protecting the intellectual property rights of business partners.

Wishes and Complaints

We commit to establishing the necessary complaint and suggestion mechanism for each employee to submit their wishes and complaints, ensuring timely and effective evaluation and feedback by evaluating the personnel in a happy working environment, and not retaliating against the employee for submitting their wishes, suggestions, and complaints.

We also encourage the use of the complaint and suggestion mechanism for the submission of complaints from the surrounding communities regarding the company and environmental issues (odor, noise, waste, etc.) as in the submission of complaints from workers.

Boğaziçi Group companies commit to all the principles mentioned above.