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Consultancy Services

Foreign Trade Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services are an inevitable need to minimize the risk before and after import and export, transit trade.

We Guided You in Customs Clearance Service

As Boğaziçi Gümrük, we offer solutions for companies in today’s world to alleviate the burden elements such as heavy working hours and official procedures caused by import and export operations.

We carry out the import/export transactions of your products on your behalf within our own company and save you from all these official transactions, internal procedures and foreign trade personnel costs.

Evaluating the goods subject to trade both in terms of regime and finance, obtaining permissions, if any, foreseeing possible problems and producing solutions, designing projects, sharing the information correctly and on time, completing the feasibility studies of the materials you will import and export and providing consultancy services are just that. It is our job.

When it comes to import/export compliance, it is critically important to understand the applicable laws, compliance parameters, and associated risks and consequences in your industry domain. As a result of your cooperation with Boğaziçi Customs; With the right strategies, knowledge and methods, your success in foreign trade is inevitable and you can have a strong and sustainable position in the global market.

  • Customs Consultancy
  • Foreign Trade Consultancy
  • Foreign Exchange Consultancy
  • Free Zones Legislation Consultancy
  • Investment Incentive Legislation Consultancy
  • IPR (Internal Processing Regime) Consultancy
  • IPPC (Internal Processing Permit Certificate)
  • IPP (Internal Processing Permit)
  • Making, following up and finalizing all kinds of permits and applications required for import and export. (Control documents, TSE, Tareks etc.)
  • Logistics Project Consultancy