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Türkiye'de En Çok İhracatı Yapılan Ürün Grupları: 2024 Güncel Bilgileri

Product Groups with the Highest Exports in Turkey: Updated Information for 2024

Product Groups with the Highest Exports in Turkey: Updated Information for 2024

Turkey, with its strategic location, diverse sectors, and dynamic economy, holds a significant position as a global exporter. As of 2024, the main product groups that Turkey exports the most are as follows:

  1. Automotive and Related Products:

Turkey is a competitive exporter of automotive and related products worldwide. Vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, along with automotive ancillary products, constitute one of Turkey’s largest export categories.

  1. Textile and Apparel Products:

The textile and apparel sector is traditionally strong in Turkey. Ready-to-wear clothing, woven and knitted products contribute to the success of the Turkish textile industry in global markets.

  1. Machinery and Equipment:

Machinery and equipment play a crucial role in Turkey’s export portfolio. Various machinery and equipment products for agriculture, construction, industry, and energy sectors enhance the competitiveness of the Turkish machinery sector in the global market.

  1. Chemicals and Chemical Products:

The chemical sector plays a significant role in Turkey’s exports. Products such as plastics and rubber items, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural chemicals enable the Turkish chemical sector to effectively participate in the global market.

  1. Electronics and Electrical Equipment:

Electronics and electrical equipment have an increasingly significant share in Turkey’s exports. Products like computers, phones, televisions, and household appliances contribute to the competitiveness of the Turkish electronics sector in global markets.

  1. Food and Beverage Products:

Turkey has rich potential in agriculture and food products. Food and beverage products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat products, and dairy products hold a significant place in Turkey’s exports.

These main product groups shaping Turkey’s exports demonstrate the country’s economic diversity and competitive advantage. Businesses and entrepreneurs engaged in exports should closely monitor developments in these sectors to compete effectively in global markets.