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Türkiye Serbest Bölgeleri

Turkey Continues to Strengthen Free Zones as “Export Hubs”

Turkey is persistently leveraging its free zones to support economic growth, enhance competitiveness in international trade, and boost employment. In an announcement made in Turkey, the focus was on transforming free zones into high-value “export hubs” by emphasizing production, employment, and added value.

This strategy aims not only to make free zones advantageous domestically but also to provide a competitive edge in international markets. Turkey’s strategic geographical location ensures that free zones are logistically advantageous.

Free zones offer various opportunities to both domestic and foreign investors through special incentives and favorable conditions. Companies operating in these zones gain advantages such as low tax rates, customs benefits, and streamlined transaction processes, strengthening their competitiveness in international markets.

Additionally, Turkey’s free zones draw attention through special support programs created to encourage technology transfer and R&D activities. In this context, incentives provided for R&D projects by companies in free zones aim to foster innovation and technological development.

The announcement also underscores the importance of the employment generation potential and the value-added by companies operating in free zones. It emphasizes that these zones serve not only as centers for trade but also as indicators of economic vitality.

Turkey’s strategic focus on free zones is considered part of the country’s efforts to achieve economic growth objectives. It is anticipated that these zones will further enhance Turkey’s position in global trade.