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Increasing Export Support by the Ministry of Trade in 2024

Export plays a significant role in Turkey’s economic growth, and continuous support is crucial to enhance the country’s competitiveness in the global market. In this context, it is observed that the Ministry of Trade in Turkey has developed new strategies to boost export support in the year 2024.

  1. New Export Support Programs: In 2024, the Ministry of Trade will implement new support programs, specifically targeting small and medium-sized enterprises. These programs will encompass financial, logistical, and marketing support to enable companies to enter international markets more effectively.
  2. Training and Consultancy Services: To increase Turkey’s export potential, the Ministry of Trade will provide training and consultancy services in 2024 for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to engage in exports. These services aim to empower companies in areas such as international trade rules, market research, and customer relations.
  3. Sustainability and Technology-Focused Support: Aligned with Turkey’s sustainable development goals, the Ministry of Trade will support companies engaged in environmentally friendly production and green technology in 2024. These supports will focus on increasing exports sustainably and innovatively.
  4. Specialized Support for Fast-Growing Sectors: The Ministry of Trade will offer special support to boost export potential in specific sectors. For instance, incentives and support will be provided to companies operating in strategic sectors such as defense industry, information technology, or agriculture.

The increased export support by the Ministry of Trade in 2024 aims to strengthen the global competitive advantage of Turkish businesses. These support programs will contribute to Turkey’s economic growth and enable businesses to exist more effectively and sustainably in the international market.