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What is Temporary Exportation in Turkey?

What is Temporary Exportation in Turkey?

Temporary exportation is a process based on the principle of temporarily leaving goods sent abroad by an exporter outside the country for a certain period and then bringing them back to Turkey. This process typically includes exports made for temporary purposes such as exhibitions, fairs, tests, or similar temporary events. Temporary exportation is subject to specific rules under Turkish customs regulations.

The key features of temporary exportation are as follows:

  1. Time-Limited: Temporary exportation is valid for a specific period. This period is usually determined from the date of exportation of the goods and is designated as the date by which they must be returned to Turkey.
  2. Purpose Specification: When conducting temporary exportation, the purpose and duration of the goods’ stay abroad must be clearly specified. This purpose typically includes participation in fairs, exhibitions, tests, or similar temporary events.
  3. Customs Procedures: The process of temporary exportation begins with the customs procedures for goods leaving Turkey and ends with customs procedures upon their return to Turkey. This process includes customs procedures for departure from and re-entry to Turkey.

Temporary exportation is an important tool in facilitating the entry of Turkish exporters into international markets and promoting the promotion of Turkish goods. Therefore, it is important for businesses intending to export to have detailed knowledge of temporary exportation procedures and to comply with customs regulations.